Tappollo Media

Hungry Monster

Dinner time! Sydney is a really hungry monster and it's your job to feed him. Hot dogs, apples, peanut butter cookies, grapes, french fries, waffles, carrots, tacos, you name it! Just use your finger to drag items into his mouth and watch his hilarious reactions. Created by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Steve Breen, this delightfully simple app will appeal to kids of all ages. But be warned: once your young one feeds Sydney a few times, she won't want to stop! Feed Sydney a banana and he shrieks like a monkey. Pop a chili pepper in his mouth and he breathes fire. Give him a popsicle and he turns blue. Watch a real sugar buzz after he eats candy. Poke his belly and make him burp. Throw gross items into the hole and you're rewarded with a "disco cupcake". Created by Steve Breen (two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner in Editorial Cartoons) and developed by Nanaimo Studio, Hungry Monster will bring ample joy to kids in your household and around the world.