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Timehop - What did you do a year ago today?


Timehop aggregates past content (photos, tweets, statuses, etc.)
and presents it on a daily basis to users' mobile devices.


Timehop is an app used by tens of millions of users. As such, it's important that we ensure the work produced is robust, performant and bug free. We participated in the development of new features for multiple releases of Timehop. We also helped migrate the core code base from Objective-C to Swift and utilized our extensive knowledge in Functional Reactive Programming to help streamline the overall architecture, which in turn improved development speed and maintainability.



In any startup, speed is paramount. Moving quickly, shipping product and learning from our users is the way to build a great product. By hiring Tappollo Media, we were able to double our capacity to ship product.

Building software usually involves a trade off between speed and quality. With Tappollo Media work, I have to say that we didn't really have to choose. They worked extremely well and consistently delivered quality product.

  • Insightful and impactful contributions to our iOS architecture.
  • Clear and concise communication.
  • Between our office in NY and Tappollo Media's team in the United States and China, we were able to have a really good continuous flow of work around the clock.

The quality and speed of work was a killer combo.

- Benny Wong, Timehop CTO