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Word Tracer - Learn Chinese

When asked for his advice on how to survive the financial crisis, global investment guru Jim Rogers often tells his interlocutors: ‘Teach your children Mandarin.’ The 66-year-old financial commentator has practiced what he preaches, in 2007 selling his mansion in New York and moving his family to Singapore.

Chinese language is on the rise to be one of the most important language to learn due to China's emergence as an economic superpower. Aside from the sociopolitical factors, learning Chinese can be beneficial for cognitive development and make you musical, as scientists have found.


Word Tracer - Learn Chinese is an iPad app that is designed for people who wish to learn to write Chinese characters properly through tracing and feedback provided through the device. Writing Chinese is one of the most challenging aspects of the language; this tool provides an effective means to facilitate learning by letting the users practice 1500 commonly used Chinese characters (Practice Mode) and testing themselves (Test Mode). Common phrases are also provided to allow the learner to see how the word is used in context. The app is developed using a game engine and masterfully designed to provide the best user experience and performance. Every character comes with pinyin (with actual voice recording), English meaning and common usages.