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You Made My Day

YMMD (You Made My Day) - Birthday Calendar + Reminder is an amazing birthday calendar + reminder app. With YMMD, you will never forget your friends' birthday. YMMD lets you schedule greetings for your friends ahead of time and sends greetings to your friends for you automatically when their special days arrive. Select greeting from our supplied list of specially-crafted greetings or define your own. 

Key Features: 

• No ad forever! 
• Import from Facebook, Address Book or add manually. 
• Create an account to back up your friends' birthdays. Your friends birthday will be available across all of your devices without you having to import again. 
• Ability to send via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. 
• Send greeting immediately or schedule greeting for later. 
• Select greeting from our supplied list of greetings. 
• Create customized greetings. 
• Choose a theme color to personalize your YMMD app. 
• Use Statistics feature to gain insights into your friends' birthdays. Which zodiac sign is most popular among your friends? Which month were most of your friends born in?